Wear PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) is a wearable device that can be placed anywhere on your body to provide you smart pain relief. PEMF therapy has been scientifically proven to heal your body and improve your health. You can learn more about the product on its website: https://wearpemf.com/

Medical Device

This device can be connected to a number of intensive care (IC) medical machines to make signal reading easier. It receives the data from the parent machine and displays a corresponding LED color based on it. For example, green color is emitted if everything is okay, and red is emitted if the patient’s condition starts falling down.

Pool Alarm

Every year, almost 600 children die by drowning in swimming pools in USA. In order to avoid these accidents, our client decided to create a smart pool alarm that alerts the home owners if any activity occurs in the pool. It has an alarm, a live-feed camera, and a loud siren. 

Fall Detection Device

This in a fall-detection and SOS device for the elderly and other people that might need emergency help. It has voice input, one-touch emergency service contact, and an IR sensor to detect if someone abruptly falls down. It uses RJ45 cables and an Antenna to transfer data via the internet.

Wireless Charger

This fast charger represents the aesthetics of the Canadian wilderness. It has a wooden body, and a leather bed for your phone. It combines the Canadian culture and modern technology into one gadget that adds a lot of character to your table.

Ski Easy

SkiEasy is a compact hand-held device to carry all your skiing gear, well, most of it. It carries your skis, poles, shoes, helmet, and gloves. It is compatible with all downhill and slalom skis. You can learn more about it here: https://www.skieasy.info/

Hydroo Pouch

Hydroo Pouch is an innovative water bottle that provides you a weather-proof compartment to store your phone, ear pods, and other accessories. It comes in two sizes: 32 Oz and 64 Oz.

Gunnebo Security Device

This is a security device used in retail stores to provide real-time updates to the central server. It has host of features, and packs a Raspberry Pi inside. You can lear. more here: https://www.gunnebo.com/


Omniband is a breakthrough device in the field of tele-existence. It’s applications ranges from medical professionals to astronauts. Prototyping is complete, and the product is ready for production. More info will be shared after official launch.

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